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City Report on UniverCity Amenities

Hello everyone, To those who signed up to help with the campaign for community space and amenities -- thank you for your interest and support. To the broader community, please read on for important community information. We have an update about our discussions with the City of Burnaby, and two important dates for you to mark in your calendar. Update: Last week we had a follow-up meeting with two staff members from Burnaby Parks and Recreation. Since our last meeting with them in June they have been busy in discussions with the different parties up here (SFU, UniverCity Trust, and the school district). Based on their findings, they have put together an informational report that summarizes how they see the state of community services and amenities at UniverCity, including things like a community space, school-age children's programs, and the possibility of a dog park. The report also gives the City's perspective on what was intended when the community was created and suggests some avenues for improving the situation.

Please read the report of their findings, which you can download below.

This report will be presented to Burnaby City Council on Monday, September 25. The report does include some possible actions the City could take, but it will be up to Burnaby City Council to decide whether and how to move forward on the different items. This is where we want to be sure we add our voice to the discussion. The UCA will apply to speak to the Council as a delegate and will be given 5 minutes. It would be very impactful if a group of us from UniverCity would also attend to show support so that the City knows that they need to act and prioritize. This is a critical stage because the Council may decide to do nothing, or may decide to pursue very limited action. If we have lots of people there, it is much more likely they will consider taking concrete, effective action. Please mark these dates in your calendar:

  • Mon Sep 18 at 7 PM - Meet at Nester's. This is an opportunity to come together and raise questions on the report or process, and share our opinions about the report's suggested approach. Also to discuss any notes we would like our delegates will include when they speak at Council.

  • Mon Sep 25 at 5 PM - Council meeting at City Hall. Please attend to show your support!

Thank you for your continued efforts and interest in our community! Your voice matters.

City report on UniverCity amenities Sept 2023
Download PDF • 860KB

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