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Burnaby election candidates answer your questions

On Saturday October 15th Burnaby will vote for a new city council and school board. Here's our guide to the candidates.

The candidates answer UniverCity's questions

The UniverCity Community Association sent every city council candidate a list of questions of special relevance to our community. Here's how they replied:

Reah Arora (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Pietro Calendino (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Antara Deb (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Sav Dhaliwal (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Gulam Firdos (Independent)

Alison Gu (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Joe Keithley (Burnaby Green Party)

Martin Kendell (Independent)

Richard N. Liu (One Burnaby)

Carrie McLaren (Burnaby Green Party)

Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo (Burnaby Green Party)

MichaelAngelo Robinhood (Independent)

Konstantine Roccas (Independent)

Brea Huang Sami (One Burnaby)

Maita Santiago (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Tara Shushtarian (Burnaby Green Party)

Deborah Skerry (Independent)

Daniel Tetrault (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Scott van Denham (Independent)

James Wang (Burnaby Citizens Association)

Heymann Yip (Independent)

We didn’t receive a response from Ken Arnold (Independent), Mona Grewal (One Burnaby), Mike Hillman (One Burnaby), Richard T. Lee (One Burnaby), or Mario Micelle (One Burnaby). We were unable to contact Tom Tau (Independent).

Hear from the candidates in person

Two candidate forums are taking place this week. You can hear from the candidates in pesron and ask them your questions.

  • Tues Oct 11, 7 - 9pm. All candidates forum (city council & school board). Gilmonre school, 50 Gilmore Ave.

  • Thurs Oct 13, 3:30 - 6:30pm. All candidates forum (city council). SFU Student Union Building (SUB) Ballroom.

Learn more about the candidates and their platforms

Information for Voters

Burnaby's election website

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