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Community Safety in a Time of COVID

Hi neighbours.

I've been thinking about you all. I had planned to write a blog about my culinary awakenings and ask you for your ideas and advice in the kitchen, now that many of us are eating out less. We all gotta eat. But something else came up, so on a serious note...

There have been a number of concerning incidents reported by community members over the last 2 months up here at UniverCity. Many of them have been shared on Facebook. Some of the incidents included the dumping of dead birds in a creek, a bush fire, parkade break-ins, speeding, and suspicious activity in the Richard Bolton green space overnight.

This post isn’t meant to strike fear or alarm. The goals are to empower our community members to create positive change and do our parts in keeping the community safe.

Reporting these incidents in the appropriate ways draws attention to the neighbourhood which is why you may see more campus security or RCMP driving around. While it might concern some residents to see a greater visibility of our first responders, consider the “halo effect” and the potential to deter crime from being committed because of their increased community presence.

Burnaby Now reporter and member of the UniverCity community Chris Campbell wrote about the sudden increase in property crime for March 2020 here on the hill, including theft from auto and break-ins.

Many of us are working from home more often, hence we see more of the regular community comings and goings. Additionally, there are less people out and about so we can see when something seems out of place. I suggest a see, call, and share approach.

I see something that concerns me.

I call the appropriate number.

I share with my neighbours so they know to be on the lookout as well.

The two posters attached can help us all when we see something that is life-threatening, concerning, or you see people who are in crisis or need help. My suggestions are only suggestions. And while I realize some of these steps can be really disruptive and time consuming to our days, I think the alternative of feeling helpless and unsafe is a less fun way to spend my time.

I hope this post finds you healthy and as well as you can be in this challenging time.


The poster above is my first ever attempt using Piktochart. Please forgive.

RCMP Phone Numbers
Download PDF • 282KB

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