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Disturbed by drifting cars in SFU's parking lots? Here's what to do

Contributed by Brad, Strata President of the Peak in UniverCity

As the Strata President of the Peak at 8850 University Crescent, I receive many complaints

each month about the noise associated with cars street racing and “drifting “ (doing donuts) in the parking lots of SFU. The Peak looks down on the North Parking Lot and when cars behave badly there the noise is funnelled straight up to us. No matter the weather, sunny warm summer nights or snowy winter nights these irresponsible drivers love to drift and race in and around the lots.

About a year ago, I reached out to SFU to see what we could do to lessen the disruption of these drivers. Eventually, I was put in contact with David Agosti, the Director of Parking & Sustainable Mobility Services. I looped in Mario Guisado, the President of the UCA. Fast forward to the present -- Mario, David and I meet every three months to discuss this and other issues. SFU is aware of the disruptive nature of drifting and racing and is attempting to mitigate its effects but it is a slow process.

What can the community do?

When you are jolted awake by the noise of racing and drifting do the following:

  • Take a brief video of the offending characters and send it in an email to David at ( describing where and when it occurred and its impact on you and your family.

  • Call SFU Security at (778) 782-7991 listen to the prompts and connect to the non-emergency line. Once connected with them ask them to send a car to the location.

We need to work together to make our community a safe and peaceful place to live.

One of the parking lots where cars come to drift
One of the offending parking lots

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