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Fire station announcements are good news for UniverCity

An article published this week has news about Fire Station 8 that will soon be built in UniverCity. Expected timelines are construction beginning early in 2023, with the firehall operational by 2024. Crews and equipment will likely be in place by early 2023, and the city is evaluating providing service from a temporary location on Burnaby Mountain at that time. Due to its strategic location on Burnaby Mountain, Fire Station 8 will be home to the Burnaby Fire Department’s wild land apparatus and equipment.

Another story reports that the Burnaby Fire Department has selected a new location for the Fire Station 4. It will be located right next to the Transmountain tank farm, well-situated to respond if an incident should occur there -- good news for the safety of UniverCity residents and the entire lower mainland. Construction at the new location is expected to start in a month or two, and the old location will remain in operation until the new station is complete.

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