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Fire station contract approved

Fire Station #8, the fire hall planned for Burnaby Mountain, passed another milestone at Burnaby's city council meeting yesterday. The council approved a contract with a team that will design and build the facility.

At the meeting, councillors Sav Dhaliwal and Pietro Calendino expressed their optimism that the new fire hall could be completed by the end of 2023, much sooner the 2026 date that was initially given when the fire hall was approved. Part of the credit for the accelerated project timeline goes to Burnaby's decision to use a new Integrated Project Delivery approach, whereby a team of architects, engineers, contractors, and tradespeople will work collaboratively throughout the design-construction process under a single contract.

Councillor James Wang mentioned that he had heard from UniverCity residents and community leaders about their wish to see the new firehall completed quickly. He also commented on the UniverCity Community Association's plan to start a volunteer-led program to make the community more wildfire resilient.

If you'd like information more UCA's wildfire resiliency program or how to volunteer please email us at or stay tuned for more information that will be posted soon.

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