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Polycan Health Centre Clinic opening

The UniverCity Community Association and the Trust met with Polycan Health Centre and we have good news to share. 

The clinic is planning to open on Monday, July 27 and will he providing family doctors to our community. If you have already registered, the Polycan team will be reaching out to setup a virtual meet and greet with a doctor. If you would like to register please visit or scan the QR code posted on the clinic’s door

Things to know:

  • Operating hours 8 AM to 8 PM

  • Doctors will be conducting virtual appointments between 1 PM and 8 PM

  • The clinic has secured 5 doctors

  • Male and Female doctors will be on staff

  • All initial appointments will be conducted virtually, visits to the clinic will be arranged after meeting with a doctor if needed

  • The clinic has arranged for free prescription delivery

The second floor of the clinic is scheduled to open in September and will offer expanded services. Specific services will be phased in over time, the goal is for the medical centre to offer one stop shop for most medical needs.

  • The first services to be available will be Physiotherapy and Chiropractic which will be operating out of the clinic to start

  • Massage therapy will be phased in shortly

  • Other planned services include, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Dermatology, Plastics and Pediatrics

  • There are plans to host a Wellness Clinic that provides holistic services such as Yoga, lifestyle and nutritional advice

For more information please see

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