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Sign up for Burnaby's new emergency alert system

Every community comes with its own hazards, and UniverCity is no different. Now we have one more tool available to keep us safer and more resilient to disasters and emergencies.

The City of Burnaby has just launched a new emergency notification system, called 'Alertable', and encourages all Burnaby residents to sign up in order to receive notifications about critical and potentially life-threatening emergencies in the city. Alertable is free and allows users to sign up to receive emergency alerts through their preferred method of contact—home phone, mobile phone, text message or through the smart phone app.

Alertable users will receive “critical” alerts and can also choose to receive “advisory” alerts, which are notifications about events and incidents that have the potential to become more severe. Advisory alerts can also be issued to provide subscribers with local information about broader emergencies—such as the opening of local cooling centres during an extreme heat event.

What is a “critical” alert?

A critical alert is one concerning an emergency that is severe and potentially life threatening. Examples are:

  • severe weather

  • natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods or wildfires

  • industrial hazards

  • other emergencies with the potential to impact many people

For more information about Alertable and how to sign up, visit

Alertable supplements the existing Alert Ready system operated by the federal and provincial governments.

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