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Speed humps on the Crescent

Hello Residents of UniverCity,

The UniverCity Community Association (UCA) would like to provide this update about the speed hump installation on University Crescent which was completed last month.

Speed Humps

As many of you may already have seen, there were three speed humps and two raised crosswalks installed between the 9100 and 9300 block of University Crescent last month. Since then there were a few deficiencies that were noted by the City of Burnaby’s Engineering – Transportation Services Traffic Assistant which were promptly corrected. Because of this, construction continued past the scheduled timeline originally communicated to the UCA and the SFU Community Trust.

At the end of October, the sidewalk let downs at each crosswalk were poured, signage erected, and hydro boxes were installed for future planning. At this time the speed hump installation project is considered complete.

There currently are no plans to install additional lighting or electrical features. If such a project were to proceed in the future, the City of Burnaby would review the specifics of what products are available to best meet the needs of the community.

Why now?

In the spring of 2019 Stephanie Klatt, Chair of the UCA Safety Committee, spearheaded a petition calling for a local area service program (LASP) project with the City of Burnaby to install speed humps on University Crescent. The original proposal would have been a shared cost of installation between the city and property owners. This petition was unsuccessful; however, Stephanie continued conversations with the City of Burnaby throughout the year to understand the community’s options.

In February 2020, the City of Burnaby informed the UCA that speed hump installation would proceed at the city’s expense. While unexpected, the UCA was very appreciative of this decision. The UCA promptly posted this update on the UCA Facebook page. The rationale behind the decision made by the City of Burnaby’s Asst. Director Engineering – Transportation Services include:

  • The acknowledgment of how difficult the LASP petition process is for a location with high density strata units

  • Increase public safety

  • An effort to keep University Crescent uniform with the addition of speed humps and raised crosswalks further west as part of the development of adjacent sites in the near future

Moving forward

We appreciate there may be frustration over inconsistent communication this fall. As you can understand we continue to grow as an association which is comprised of committed volunteers from our community, this is a learning process for us all.

Our goal is to optimize our channels of communication by updating the UCA website and monitoring our social media accounts closely in an effort to more widely promote the association as a resource for community members.

We’ve continued to meet monthly during these crazy times and will continue to do our best, along with you, to make our community a better place for all.


The UniverCity Community Association

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