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Who is Closed? Who is Open?

As we move into another week of physical distancing and isolation in the hope of reducing the spread of Covid-19, things continue to change.

Up here on Burnaby Mountain in UniverCity, there are a lot of questions about which businesses are open and which ones are closed.

Here is a recent update from the SFU Community Trust about the status of businesses on the mountain:


· Azzi Hair Salon is closed, however taking orders online via email and offering to deliver colour to you. Check out their Instagram page.

· BC Liquor Store- Adjusted Hours

· Chakura (formally Pearl Fever)- Adjusted Hours

· Donair Town

· House of Vision Optical is closed, however taking orders online via Wechat and e-mail

· Nester’s is full speed ahead with security presence, painted social distancing lines, and a new delivery service for UniverCity residents.

· Pizza Hut- Adjusted Hours

· Quesada- Adjusted Hours

· Subway - Adjusted Hours

· Tim Horton’s

· Uncle Fatih’s Pizza with adjusted hours


· A&W

· Bamboo Garden

· Bank of Nova Scotia

· Chef Hung

· Chopped Leaf

· Club Ilia

· Japarrito

· Miniso

· Pho 99

· SFU Dental Centre

· SFU Office of Francophone

· Starbucks

· Steve’s Poke Bar –Closed

· Sutton Place Realty

· Terry Fox Foundation

Stay safe everyone! Theresa

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3 comentarios

25 abr 2020

I want to say how much we appreciate the Nester's Delivery Service. We order via email once a week, get a call from a friendly person who is choosing our groceries if they have questions and then we pay by credit card on the phone. A few hours later we have groceries outside our apartment door.

Our son is considered high risk so we are fully quarantined in our condo. We would not be able to keep him safe if it were not for Nester's! THANK YOU.

Me gusta

Kerry Thompson
Kerry Thompson
22 abr 2020

Thank you. I didn't realize there is a forum section here, until now. Thank you again.

Me gusta

Kerry Thompson
Kerry Thompson
22 abr 2020

Hi there, thank you for this information, it is really helpful. I am wondering about the note on Nesters re delivery for UniverCity residents, it is not on their web page. Is there a contact person that would have provided you with this info? Thank you Theresa! Hope you and all our residents are doing well, social distancing, and are in good health.

Me gusta
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